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I passed my practical driving test the first time (5th August 2013) thanks to Jay. As an instructor, he was great. He explained everything in a way that I could understand and always kept calm, making sure to point out the areas that needed improvement and working week to week on them, until he was confident I was fully prepared to pass my test. I highly recommend taking Jay as your driving instructor!

Gabi – Passed August 2013 (1st time)

I just want to say a huge thank you to Jay, as I wouldn’t have passed without him. Just over a year ago, I was seeing a different driving instructor and was driving with her for nearly a year. In all that time, she didn’t once go through parallel parking with me and other manoeuvres and I didn’t really feel confident. I got recommended to Jay from my partners sister, who also passed first time and I am so glad I choose Jay to be my instructor. He really puts you at ease, and from my first lesson he gave me confidence straight away and got me started with the manoeuvres, and before I knew it my test was booked. He is a fantastic instructor, and I'd highly recommend him to anybody. Thank you jay x

Samantha – Passed 2013 (1st time)

Dear Jay, thank you for teaching me how to drive and helping me pass my test first time! Considering the numerous lessons I had, each one was exciting as you encouraged me to improve my technique and become accustom with the road. I would recommend you to family and friends anytime, thanks once again!

Zara – Passed 2013 (1st time)

Before I met Jay, I was learning with a well-known driving school and I found the whole atmosphere very cold and, in many ways, very robotic. Jay, on the other hand, brought a personal flair into his teaching and it was evident to me from the start that he thoroughly enjoyed his job, and hence guaranteeing a fun and worthwhile driving experience. Learning with Jay is unique in the sense that the skills and methods he teaches you have solely been derived from his wealth of experience. He seemed to know exactly which mistakes I was going to make before I even made them and corrected me adequately so. If you are looking for a driving school that can provide you with enjoyable, dynamic lessons all for a brilliant price, Jay is your man!

Ejaaz – Passed February 2013 (1st time)

I started driving lessons with Jay who came highly recommended and am happy to say that I passed 1st time. Jay was an excellent instructor with a lot of patience who helped me learn all the skills required through his teaching and an assortment of helpful hand-outs. The lessons were both informative and enjoyable and I felt very comfortable when taking my test. I highly recommend Jays Driving School to any learner drivers.

George – Passed March 2013 (1st time)

Jay was amazing! I had a previous driving instructor before I got recommended to Jay, but when I switched I knew it was the right decision. He always made me feel comfortable and kept patient even though I was a nightmare to put up with. His friendly character always made lessons enjoyable and he made sure I was ready for the day of my test. I passed first time and would recommend anybody to have lessons with Jay!!

Maeve – Passed 1st time

I started my lesson after the birth of my son at which point my confidence was very low and I was very nervous. My friend Simone who was taught by Jay and passed first time gave me Jay’s number; she also introduced her younger brother who passed first time as well. I have to admit that I must have been one of the worst learners and feel that Jay has the patience of a saint, I don't think there is any other instructor out there that would have been able to stay calm during my lesson while I made MANY mistakes. Jay has a very professional approach to teaching but is also very friendly and easy to feel comfortable around. I passed my test first time which was a huge shock to me but Jay always had the confidence that I would be able to pass. I now feel comfortable to drive with my son in the car which is something I thought I would never be able to do.

Janine – Passed 1st time

After all the tears, moaning and debating, I finally passed my test 1st time with jay. He’s such a great person, very friendly and has a good way of teaching so that it’s understandable and he has the most amount of patience I’ve ever seen. I would recommend him to anyone scared about driving or not having any knowledge of it at all. It may have taken me a while but it was all worth it in the end! Thank you jay for all your time and effort!

Natalie – Passed 2011 (1st time)

I am only 17 and passed my theory and my practical on my first attempt. This was all because of Jay. He taught me the ins and outs of driving and didn’t give up on me, even though at times I gave up on myself. He was most reliable, gentle and kind, yet was still able to professionally teach me until everything was perfected for my test. He did not push or make you feel uncomfortable if it wasn’t the best day, he made you feel safe and secure with him. Through this he also became a friend not just a mentor. Jay was the best teacher I could think of and I thank him for teaching me everything I know now!

Jodie – Passed 2011

Jay was GREAT!! I was with another instructor for a few months before I contacted Jay. I was getting nowhere and knew I was being taken for a "ride". I was paying for double lessons weeks on end and the word Test was never discussed. Jay went through everything in detail and always gave me tips to make driving and manoeuvres easier then they had been before! I had no confidence when I came to Jays SOM so when he booked the test a couple weeks into his lessons I was shocked. Within a few months I passed 1st time! Lessons were not only cheap but were also fun – Jay’s sense of humour always had me smiling. I would recommend Jay over other instructors and companies! He is the best and his 1st time pass rate is only getting better!! Thanks Jay, you’re a star!!

P.S: You aren’t getting rid of me that easily... I’ll be back for pass plus!

Sarah – Passed 2009 (1st time)

Over the last 2 years I have had a couple of driving instructors and even though they were complimenting me on my driving and I continued with them as they worked for the same driving school I failed my test 3 times. At this point I had booked my 4th driving test and was going to continue my lessons with them when I thought to myself I’m not sure about their methods. I have known Jay for over 10 years as a friend and didn't want to mix my lessons with friendship but decided that if anyone could get me passed Jay could, even if I can be hard work at times. Jay agreed with 2 weeks before my test to start me which wasn't enough time for him to correct my mistakes and I failed. I then booked my test again and within 6 hours of teaching I passed. So in my opinion I passed first time with Jays teaching. He's a great guy and has very good teaching methods and I will always recommend him to anyone.

Matt – Passed 1st time

I came to know about Jay’s Driving School through my family, Most of my Cousins and Uncles and Aunties passed with Jay. When I had my first lesson I was terrified but Jay made me feel completely relaxed. His teaching methods are very unique and very simple to understand. Although I made many mistakes and was constantly apologising for them, Jay was very patient and like a friend he would reassure me I could do it. I couldn’t believe it when I passed first time, I was well chuffed and its all down to Jay... Thanks Jay, you’re a Star!

Lily – Passed 1st time

Jay's method of teaching is very simple and easy to understand; he goes through each stage with you, going from the simple moves to the manoeuvres in good detail. He even gave me booklets and info sheets with diagrams to get my head round each manoeuvre even easier. The fact that he treated me more as a friend than just a regular student helped build my confidence quickly the more I drove. Even when I would make mistakes, he would go through it with you calmly but effectively, so you don’t make the same mistakes in the future. Being only 17, money was a huge factor in my driving lessons, so the fact that Jay charges just £20p/h was amazing and I could afford it. I would definitely, without a doubt, recommend jay to anyone that wants to learn how to drive.

Justin – Passed 2009 (1st time)

Jays a really good instructor, it is really easy to learn with him. I managed to pass first time within months of starting. He gives you confidence and corrects you when make a mistake but in a subtle way. Great instructor!!!

Ravi – Passed 2009 (1st time)

Jay was recommended to me, after several of my friends had passed first time with Jay. Jay’s method to teaching made me feel very relaxed and comfortable whilst driving behind the wheel. I took lessons with Jay every week and within a few months I passed first time! He is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Jay

Natalie – Passed 2008

"From Jay’s method of teaching, I quickly picked up the skills to be able to drive. My sister and I passed first time with Jay. It took just under only six months of lessons and I now feel like a very confident driver. His Pass Plus course was excellent too!"

James - Passed 2008 (1st time)

"Driving definitely didn’t come easy to me, after previously completing a terrible crash-course with a different firm and failing two tests, I was highly recommended and referred to jay by friends and family for my third time lucky attempt. Jay is an amazing instructor with several qualities that complete the learner driver experience. He is friendly, approachable, patience, flexible and has fairly good banter. His expertise was definitely what led me to pass my test and be the safe and confident driver I am now. Thanks Jay! You could save a lot of time and money by using Jay first time as he is a star."

Adele – Passed 2008

Learning to drive with Jay was great! Each stage was thought through and explained very well. This was great because my knowledge of driving was very limited.

His personality and kindness makes learning to drive simple and easy to understand. I would highly recommend anyone that's like me and is a little nervous of driving. I was a student while learning to drive and being a student very broke. £20 was a great price to be paying for such a good lesson. I was very keen to pass, in as few lessons as possible and Jay managed to pass me in just 20 lessons! I was more than pleased! Jay was very accommodating to me considering I was a university student at the time, which I am eternally grateful for.

The whole experience from learning how to drive to learning about the car was great. Most importantly you don't just get a great driving instructor, you get a friend.

Christian – Passed 2006 (2nd time)

"Jay’s expertise methods are superb as he is able to analyse what stage of driving each student is at. I took lessons every week with Jay over a couple of months and his patience with me was outstanding. He managed to build up my confidence, and even though I didn’t pass first time (through no fault of Jay’s of course), we went through further coaching, and I passed 2nd time. After being recommended to Jay by a friend, he then went on to bravely teach 12 other friends around our area. His lessons were always fun, his approach was friendly, and he always laughed at his own jokes. He’s a fantastic teacher and I would recommend him to anyone, above all the expensive driving school companies who do not have that personal touch that Jay Patel offers."

Priya - Passed 2006 along with Dharsh (1st time), Devi (1st time), Priya (2nd time), Arun (1st time), John (1st time), Neral (1st time), Nadia (3rd time), Nadeem (1st time), Vickram (2nd time), Vimla (2nd time) and Tasha (1st time).

"I passed first time after having double lessons at least once a week over a 4 month period. Jay's one-to-one tuition was fantastic and knew exactly the level I was at, even better than I did myself! His teaching methods are extremely effective and my progress week-on-week was unbelievable. Jay also gave me the confidence needed to make me feel comfortable behind the wheel, during lessons and for my test. I'd happily recommend Jay's SOM to anyone over the bigger name companies; an excellent driving instructor."

Sam - Passed 2004 (1st time)

"Driving for some us can be a daunting, stressful and scary experience. Jay eased me into the whole procedure and made it an exiting and an exhilarating experience. He has an eccentric personality that allowed us to reach our full potential in a short period of time, with his full dedication and passion for driving. The course he provides is catered to individual’s capabilities and capacity for learning and development. He teaches the art and technicality of driving for those wishing to be safe and considerate drivers in a world of many reckless drivers. He has a general passion in his work and takes great pride in teaching his great knowledge of motors. We took his advice and knowledge onboard and this enabled us to reach our goal."

Priya – Passed 2002 (1st time) along with Ash (2007, 1st time), Jatin (2004, 1st time), Reema (2005, 2nd time)

I would really recommend Jay. An amazing teacher and so patient. I doubt there's anyone else who could have put up with my numerous mistakes and still manage to make me pass first time round!

Neha – Passed 2001 (1st time)

"Jay was recommended to me after I had given up on getting a driving licence, having had hours and hours of lesson with another instructor and not getting anywhere. I started with Jay and within a few months I passed first time. Since then several of my friends and family have gone on to pass with Jay, including both my sisters and there partners."

Stacey Simpson - Passed 1998 (1st time) along with Jodie Simpson (2002, 1st time) and Chelsea Simpson (2007, 1st time)

"After having several lessons and being unable to pass my test, Jay was recommended to me, which ended in me passing my test first time. I would fully recommend him; he will only put you in for your test if he thinks you will pass. I passed vey quickly with Jay and he is very friendly and approachable."

Wendy – Passed 1998

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